There’s such a fragile, thin veneer of illusion between the words, together and alone.

HEXtraordinary Betta Aquariums @ The Arcade

  • Betta Bowl Aquarium – Rare
  • Lavender Mystery Snail
  • Gold Mystery Snail
  • Male Betta – Pearl
  • Male Betta – Sea
  • Female Betta – Jewel


  • Lightbulb terrarium – plant
  • Lightbulb terrarium – moss

Fancy Decor: Print Collector’s Set
⦁ Fancy Decor: Print Books
⦁ Fancy Decor: Petrified Wood
⦁ Fancy Decor: Wire Clock

dust bunny .

  • white rose vase
  • gardenia shed


  • stack of suitcases

She’s a wicked little kitty…

hex-cynful-salem-1 hex-cynful-salem-2

Hello everyone! Yep still alive here. lol. Needing another lil break from my break. With all this great new stuff out now I def had to do some shopping. I included some of the shop ads for a few of the items to give you a closer look at the details. I wanna talk about something right now tho that is not so much shopping related. I am not sure what is going on with people today but it seems there is a lot of tearing each other down. I know we are in the season of the wicked but does this mean we must be wicked to one another? It makes my heart sad to see so much of this going on again. I am not entirely sure how to make this a non issue and get people to stop being so nasty and negative but I do know what we can do. Ignore it. If you should see someone being horrible to someone else or if they are being nasty to you. Ignore it. Say something positive and carry on as if those being nasty are not even there. One of the best defenses you will ever have is the ability of not giving negative people power to run your feelings. There is always that one person that might try to bring you down but just remember for every one person who does that there are 20 people to lift you up. Anyways just some food for thought. I hope everyone has a great day and a fantastic weekend! Now get out there and shop! ♥

Spotlight Items:


*HEXtraordinary* Black Cat Mask @ Salem


Dress and Choker:

[Cynful] Love Spell Dress @ Salem

[Cynful] Love Spell Choker @ Salem



.Inhale. Creeper -Tattoo @ Shiny Shabby


Other Credits:




CATWA Realistic Mesh Eyes (Texture is my own coming soon to MANIK QUEEN)


Euphoric – Sisi Eyeshadow


Euphoric – Confident Shiny Makeup & Mesh Eyes Set


MadPea – The Witching Hour – Wall Sconce @ Salem

MadPea – The Witching Hour – Goat Skull @ Salem

MadPea – The Witching Hour – Potion Cabinet@ Salem

MadPea – The Witching Hour – Eye of a Virgin@ Salem


tarte. half moon table (classic) (I tinted it a bit darker to match)

Scene shot in the back room of the Scarlet Creative  Daylily Cottage

The harder you try the easier it gets…



Hi everybody! Just poppin in to bring you some KC Couture awesomeness. She has some awesome new body jewelry out right now and the Caera Waist Piercings are in my favs things to wear. These lil beauties are super cute, come with an awesome lil hud annnnnnd areeee FITTED!!! lool. Can you tell I am excited?! Well I am! I am rocking them with my Belleza – Freya right now and they fit perfectly, moving with me no matter what pose or dance I do. I love it! I also snapped up these cute lil kicks to go with my workout wear. They to have an awesome hud with endless color possibilities and come cool bonus patterns as well! Like I said, KC Couture has loads of new jewelry and shoes out too right now so be sure to stop by and have a look! ♥

Spotlight Items:

Body Jewelry




Other Credits:




Blueberry – Group Gift – Tank Top


Blueberry – Conie – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Gray

Shot Taken in the: Trompe Loeil  – Beloeil Cabin + Deck @ FaMeshed


tarte. dream string light

Pilot and Exposeur – Coates Cardio Set

            *Pilot & Exposeur – Hand Weights Rack

*Pilot & Exposeur – Aerobic Step

It’s always been me and You and always will be…

Snapshot_002 - edit

So ladieeesss! Let me show you the super sexy new release from !NFINITY! This sexy new tie is the perfect accessory to get your sexy on. Pair it up with a tight white top and pencil skirt and be his sexy secretary or seduce that man rocking it solo or with some sexy panties! Either way you can’t go wrong. (don’t worry fellas there is a male version too!) Available in the mainstore right now! Go Go GO! ♥

Also check out the awesome new release from Inhale! Such fantastic detail and comes with all the appliers! There are two versions available they are both amazing per the Inhale norm. Available now at Chapter 4 grab them while you can, you don’t want to miss out!

Spotlight Items:


!NFINITY Gentleman’s Tie Black – Female


.Inhale. Payback Sleeves @ Chapter 4

Other Credits:


Exile::Loose Ends @ C88


*Just BECAUSE* Terri Panties


CATWA – Gwen


Lara Hurley  -Christy Dark -Catwa Appliers

(other appliers for body sold sep)


-Belleza- Freya


tarte. me & you marquee (pearlescent)  @ C88