A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves… A special kind of double

Took some pretty pictures with my beautiful sister and thought to share the credits of our looks. Had so much fun doing them. Spending time being cute and crazy with this woman is one of my most favorite things to do in the world. She is truly my heart sister and truly amazing! ♥

Tattoo: (Left – Me)

.Inhale. Eyes set to Kill Pt.1 – Female

.Inhale. Creeper – Leg Tattoo


ICONIC:ELLA  (Left – Me) @ C88

Truth – March VIP Gift – Zoya (Right – Sissy)

Catwa – Catya (Left – Me)

Catwa – Kimberly (Right – Sissy)


MANIK QUEEN – Mystica Eyes – Onyx – Catwa eye applier (Left – Me)

The Skinnery  – Sona Eyes #6


Swallow – Punky Ears (Right – Sissy)

Slink – New Dynamic Bento Hands (Both)

Belleza – Freya (Both)

amara beauty – Dolce -Catwa – Peach w/ Dolce Lipsticks and Priya Eyeshadow (Lip and eyeshadow packs sold sep instore) (Left – Me)

amara beauty – Priya Honey Skin tone & Makeup (Right – Sissy)


REIGN.- Chanel No2 Dress (FREYA) BLUSH- #4 (Left – Me) @ The Arcade

REIGN.- Chanel No2 Dress (FREYA) BLACK- #3 (Right – Sissy) @ The Arcade


No shame in my game… Can you say the same?


Good morning! I hope everyone is having a nice lazy sunday. I got tons going on right now and I swear there is not enough hours in the day.  For now I am in the mood to relax and take some pictures. I am so in love with the new Cynful Coax set that you will prolly see it again and again. I really hope the Cynful goddesses make more sexy lingerie! I paired the set up with the new Laced Up High Boots from !NFINITY for Buy Now SL. These thigh high sexy stunners are a perfect match to the lingerie. Def check them out!

While I was working on this post I was thinking about something that has been a hot topic lately. Body image and shaming. I think people forget SL is a place for us to come to step away from our real and enjoy a bit of fantasy and fun. We can be anything we want to be and look how we like. In SL we should be able to not be bothered with the same judging eyes that follow us in rl. So what I do not understand is why do those judging eyes come into SL. Can we not leave that mess at login and allow ourselves to do as we please and give others that same respect? At the end of the day we are all the same… Pixels… Pixels that do not matter. What does matter is the connections we make with others and the quality of those connections. Ofc some will be not good but being a decent human being helps to have some really great ones. Some of my best real life friends are pixels and they are the only pixels that matter to me. By saying this I mean that I find their pixels as beautiful as the human being behind them. All other pixels do not make a difference to me. I like to get to know the people behind them. I will never go out of my way to shame someone simply on the appearance of their pixels because I know that regardless of how someone’s avi is set up the person behind it can be someone amazing and judging them on their avi I run the risk of missing out on making an amazing friend.

What hurts my heart even more is when I see people being shamed for how they look in rl. I feel it takes a good bit of courage to expose your rl self. I don’t feel people need to be shamed for how they look. There is so much fat shaming it is ridiculous and anyone thin has to be anorexic right? No! If you feel the need to be horrible to someone for how they look you obviously have some issues of your own. I think that before anyone says something mean about how anyone else looks they need to take a long look in the mirror and just think for a few minutes of how they might feel if someone did that to them. Lots say they would not care…. I call bs on that. Words hurt. People judging you for no legit reason hurts. I am a strong woman and can take a lot but that doesn’t mean if someone did that to me it wouldn’t hurt. I, myself have had some thoughts on how others look but before I would ever make a nasty remark I do stop myself and think about what I have thought to say and my reasons why. That legit takes about a min to evaluate why you think you need to say something like that. Like I said, SL is a place that the judging should be checked at login. I feel this way about the SL side of social media. Show some respect to those brave enough to put themselves out there and show some respect for yourself. At the end of the day there will come a time when none of this will matter. You will look back on your life and wonder if you really were a good person. So try to remember to treat people in a way you would want yourself/friends/family to be treated.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Keep being amazing! ♥

Spotlight Items:

[Cynful] Coax Lingerie @ Whore Couture

!NFINITY Laced Up High Boots @ Buy Now SL – March round

How to shop Buy Now:
Marketplace keyword: BN17-March
( https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ )
Shop from our blog: www.buynowsl.com
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secondlife:///app/group/aadd83e7-c2a4-5ed8-f3ed-2c617fe8c66f/about (copy and paste in local)

e.marie // EYES au naturel – Pack 3


Other Credits:
[RA] – Tasha Hair

Pink Fuel Liya <Biscuit> – Liya (Also using Eyeshadow and Brows from this set of Catwa appliers)



Bold & Beauty :: Classic Collection Lash and Eyes! (Giselle V.2 #3 on the hud) – Powder Pack February ’17

From the League – Ella skin applier pack


Vista – Bento Pro Hands

[Encore] Nail Appliers – Shades of Red

–SECRETS– Bianca Rings – Silver

Belleza – Freya

With just one look…


Sometimes getting inspiration to blog can be a bit difficult. So many things can hinder our creative process. Negativity in our lives, not feeling our 100% best, and sometimes we just burn the candle so much at both ends it finally just fizzles. I go through this myself sometimes and it can be so frustrating. One way I have found to help relight that creative fire is to have some time to just play dress up with no thoughts of what I should do but just put on the things I love and have some fun feeling pretty. We all need a breather from time to time. So if you find your feeling a bit blocked up take a lil time and do something else. Just something fun and it will help clear your mind. While I was having a bit of dress up time I created this look. After an hour of rummaging and trying things on and saving some cute looks this outfit jumped out at me and spanked my creativity right on its bum. I whipped out my camera and wala! Ofc you would know it would consist of one of my most favorite brands. Yep you know it! Cynful! I love the recent release Too Fly Blouse. It is sleek, silky perfection. Paired up with their Denim Skirt 3/4 is one of my fav casual looks! Both are available in the mainstore and on the marketplace. This is def an outfit I saved, it’s the perfect outfit for some shopping fun with my sissy or just hanging out and even a trip to the club. These are just so much ♥♥♥♥

Have a great Sunday! ♥

Spotlight Items:


[Cynful] Too Fly Blouse

Each color comes with 20 outline colors

Sizes for Belleza V3, Maitreya , Both Slinks

[Cynful] Denim Skirt 3/4 

Each color comes with 3 texture versions, 16 metal colors, & 22 belt colors

Sizes for Standard Sizes, Belleza V3, Maitreya , Slink Physique

Other Credits:


TRUTH HAIR – Grecia hair


Other Body/Head/Skin ect credits can be seen on “My Everyday Body” Page


Prop with poses: {.:exposeur:.} Pipes – CLOSING SALE!!! 80% off!

When we get Old, we will not be Old. We will be Vintage!

Vintage Fair - Cynful

I’mmmm baaaackk!! lolol! So I had to come back already to show you more stuffs! lol. My lovely sissy and I finally got some lag free time to get some pics! We had so much fun. We went to the closing sale @ Exposeur and grabbed all the pretties and then got into our newest Cynfully sexiness and got our vintage swag on! I love love loveeeee the new Cynful Groovy Romper and Sandals! I am a huge fan of the vintage style and Cynful def nailed it. You can head to The Vintage Fair and grab these lovelies right now! Sissy and I both are in love with the Glamistry sunglasses and the ones we are rockin totally perfected our look! Be sure to check them out as well they are amaze and Glamistry has lots of summer glasses to suit all your needs. Have a look! ♥


Spotlight Items (Worn by both):


[Cynful] Groovy Romper @ The Vintage Fair

Comes with 2  textures 1 solid and 1 pattern, 20 outlines and bow colors & 4 metal options

Sizes for Belleza V3, Maitreya , Both Slinks


[Cynful] Groovy Sandals @ The Vintage Fair

Comes with 10 sole textures and 4 metal options

Sizes for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink


Glamistry – Sunglasses [PU2003]


Other Credits:


[e] Betty (Both of us is wearing this hair) @ The Vintage Fair


Other Body/Head/Skin ect credits can be seen on “My Everyday Body” Page (Me)


The rest of what Precious is wearing:


CATWA – Aisha


-Belleza- – Isis



Zaara – Banjara silver choker


Taox Tattoos – Hip Bad Dream VG

Endless Pain Tattoos – Suicide Girl V2 @ The Vintage Fair


Prop with poses: {.:exposeur:.} The Sugar Bowl – CLOSING SALE!!! Got this lovely for 80% off!



His touch gives me life…♥

Empire 2

Hellooo everyone! Just popping in to show off some sexy new stuffs. Any reason to get some pics with my Baby, y’all know I am a happy girl but when I can wear some super sexiness while in his arms well that’s even better! I am wearing one of Empire’s new releases the Amatrix Harness, which incase you didn’t know has been updated since it’s Maitreya release and now has all them fits y’all love them for. I just love it! I am also wearing the sexy new blind fold just released by my Baby, the !NFINITY Laced Blindfold. This fits super nice with a resizer to adjust it to your liking and a cute lil HUD with some pretty colors for you to choose from. So soft and sexy, it’s just perfect! Def go check all this sexiness out! ♥


Spotlight Items:

Body Harness:

EMPIRE – Amatrix Harness


!NFINITY Laced Blindfold


Other Credits:


TRUTH HAIR  – Velma @ The Vintage Fair


Other Body/Head/Skin ect credits can be seen on “My Everyday Body” Page

Luc is wearing:


Modulus– Vercetti Blacks


.Inhale. End of Reason


!NFINITY Defiance Piercing


[Deadwool] The Dandy


[Deadwool] Hugo Shirt

We stand together even when it pours…


Hello y’all! Just dropping in to show you some more awesome new stuff. Got a bit of time this past weekend for a little shopping/photo adventure with my darling sister. I gotta say this chick is as addicted to Cynful as I am. Which is awesome because it’s def fun to rock a twinnish look. We both are rocking the new Slashed Top and Leather Mini Skirt. These fit so great and come with tons of options. Def go have a look for yourself. These are life! ♥

You know I love Inhale’s tattoos. Well he has made another bit of amaze that is at The Thrift Shop right now. Which if you don’t know it is 50% off while it is there! Comes with all the appliers we adore. So go get them savings while you can! ♥

Now… Let me just tell you bout these shoes we are wearing. These…. are…. so…. GORGEOUS!! Empire has been just killing it making some of the very best shoes on the grid right now! These have all the fits we love annnnnd! come as fatpacks! So you don’t spend all your money on one of the lush colors, you get them all for the price of one!! How awesome is that?? The colors are so lush and the shoes fit like butter. Go have a peek and remember only click to buy them once cuz they come with all them colors. They set up the vendors to show us all the amaze colors we will be getting! Empire is life! ♥

Showing off my Glamistry Sunglasses again to show you they can go from chic to badass with the click of a button! These are a must have for your inventory! Go check them out! ♥

Thank y’all for stopping by! I am sorry if I missed anything there is sooo much lol. Feel free to drop a comment if I did and I shall fix ♥

Spotlight Items:

Top: (Both)

[Cynful] Slashed Top

Comes with sizes for Belleza 3, Maitreya and Slink P & HG

All colors come with HUD that has 8 zipper metal options, 20 outline options, 4o holes options 20 Fishnet & 20 Sheer and can also be worn with clear holes.

Skirt: (Both)

[Cynful] Leather Mini Skirt

Comes with sizes for Belleza 3, Maitreya and Slink P & HG

Each color also comes with a hud which includes 20 outline options and 12 belt & panty options, both belt and panties have the option to be hidden as well.

.Inhale. Chasing Ghosts Tattoo @ The Thrift Shop (Me on right)


EMPIRE – Rudbeckia (Me on right) @ Dark Style Fair

EMPIRE – Azalea (Sisserface on left)


Glamistry – Sunglasses [PU2002](Me on right)

Other Credits:


[RA] Amber Hair (Me on right) We❤ Role – Play

Phoenix Hair – Sonya Azalea (Sisserface on left) Hairology

All the other stuff meh sisser is wearing:



Zaara – Banjara silver choker


**RE** Aeternum Infinity Female Bracelet.


-Belleza- : Isis


CATWA : Sarah


*My other Body/Head/Skin ect credits can be seen on “My Everyday Body” Page

Shot was taken @ Ironwood Hills

A friend is what the heart needs all the time…


Omgah!! I haven’t posted in so long! I been super busy as usual, this time tho with sooo little time to breath. Happy to have some time to relax by the pool with my pups. HEXtraordinary has worked his magic yet again bringing us these sweet little pekingese poochies! These babies are so freaking adorable! They are animated companions so they can keep you company no matter where you go. These are available right now @ The Gacha Garden so be sure to go check them out. I know you will love them as much as I do.

I also need to tell you about this sexy new bikini I am wearing. Cynful just keeps putting out such amazing goodies for us! This sexiness is for the upcoming round of Whimsical that opens on May 18th. The Bikini comes in sizes for the Belleza 3, Maitreya and Slink P & HG as well as with a HUD with 20 color choices for top & bottom outlines and bow too! Also if you decide to grab that fat pack there are 6 special options! (One of which I am wearing right now in the pic!) Totally worth it all the colors & patterns are just gorgeous! Mark your calendars ladies and be sure to stop by and grab this sexiness!

Spotlight Items:


*HEXtraordinary* Perky Pekingese – Cream Bow @ The Gacha Garden

*HEXtraordinary* Perky Pekingese – White Bow @ The Gacha Garden


[Cynful] Poolside Bikini @ Whimsical (Opens May 18th)


Other Credits:


little bones. Silence


Trompe Loeil – Keliana Sunbathing Towel A @ FaMESHed

Trompe Loeil – Keliana Lounger White Towel @ FaMESHed

Trompe Loeil – Keliana Pool @ FaMESHed