Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer…

Spotlight Items:


[Cynful] Journey Top @ C88


e.marie // Heart Necklace – Sterling  @ Kustom 9


e.marie // COFFIN Free Spirt (vista prohand)  @ Kustom 9


e.marie // Throwback Bracelet 3 Sterling x2
e.marie // Throwback Bracelet 6 Sterling x2

*HEXtraordinary* Sandpiper Wanderer @ Summerfest 2017

*HEXtraordinary* Sandpiper Chick Wanderer @ Summerfest 2017

*HEXtraordinary* Elusive Pink Gecko Wanderer @ Gacha Guardians

*HEXtraordinary* Flame Gecko Wanderer @ Gacha Guardians


Other Credits:


Exile:: Lovefool @ The Hair Fair


Blueberry – Jimena – Denim Shorts – Freya

Flip Flops:



Catwa – Catya




amara beauty – Powder Pack CATWA JUNE 2017 – Livia

Vista – Bento Pro Hands


Belleza – Freya



:CP: Kolymbia Cabana @ FaMeshed

[Commoner] Carried Away / Tray of Cosmopolitans

Trompe Loeil – Halliwell Patio + Pool + Landscaping PG V1.1

Trompe Loeil – Yara Hanging Chair + Lights short/flat PG

{what next} Summer Garden Hanging Planter 2

{what next} Summer Garden Planter

Abiss – Bistro – Parasol&Table – White

Abiss – Bistro – Chair – white

Calm. il Mare . Wall art . Seahorse @ Cosmopolitan

Calm. il Mare . Wall art . Seaweed @ Cosmopolitan 

Stockholm&Lima: G.U.Y. Sofa

Con.&floorplan. lazy chair

JIAN Chinchilla Beach Bath

JIAN Pupper Pool Party :: Pug Drifting Floater

JIAN Pupper Pool Party :: Pug Spinning Floater

[Copper Mill] – Grill ‘n Gather Set – Stainless BBQ Grill

The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams, and memories…


Hellooo y’all, I hope everyone is having a great day. I have some cuteness I wanted to show you today. These super cute mushroom fellas are one of HEXtraordinary’s latest releases for Enchantment. These made me giggle so much with all their cuteness sitting so happily kicking their tiny legs. I absolutely love them and I know you will too so def go check them out! ♥


Spotlight Items:

*HEXtraordinary* Mushroom Faerie Gacha @ Enchantment:

  • Amanita Mushroom Faerie
  • Amanita Mushroom
  • Amanita Mushroom Clutch
  • Morel Mushroom Faerie
  • Morel Mushroom Clutch
  • Ink Cap Mushroom Faerie
  • Toadstool Mushroom Faerie
  • Purple Ink Cap

Other Credits:


  • [Con.] Bluebird String Light Trellis
  • [Con.] Bluebird Star Campfire

Where everyone knows your name…

Hextraordinary Pub

Good morning y’all! I finally found a moment to pop in with some newness to show you. Of course by new I mean awesome, lol but y’all know this already. Our amazingly talented HEXtraordinary has made us so much awesomeness for this round of Epiphany!  The Old English Pub is truly outstanding. It is super versatile on how you can use it. Can totally rock the more medieval feel or as I have done here, given it a bit of vintage swag. It is totally perfect for so many different looks. It is the most detailed bar set I have seen from the glassware and food to the tables and stools. This set it a must have in everyone’s inventory so if you haven’t been to Epiphany to check it out be sure to go and collect all of these amazing goodies! ♥

Spotlight Items:

*HEXtraordinary* Old English Pub Gacha @ Epiphany

  • Old English Canopy Bar *Rare*
  • Antique Brass chandelier *Rare*
  • Old English Pub Table *Rare*
  • Old English Pub Stool *Rare*
  • Bangers and Mash (on table off to the side)
  • Pint of Pumpkin Ale (on table off to the side)
  • Tea and Scones (on back table in corner)
  • British Fish and Chips (on bar right)
  • Pint of Beer (on bar right)
  • Beer Flight (on bar)
  • Porridge (on bar left)
  • Pint of Cider (on bar left)
  • Beer Tap Barrel
  • Pumpkin Ale Barrel
  • Cider Tap Barrel
  • Row of Pint Glasses

Old English Pub Gacha Key


Other Credits:

Wall Hangings:

Consignment – FLF Playbills

Cigarette Machine:

Seven Emporium – Cigarette Machine ( I modded this. It comes a bit larger and with some lovely poses. I just wanted it a bit smaller that it was for my scene)