We are all pretty bizarre…Some of us are just better at hiding it…

Can anyone name the movie that quote in the title is from? I be all you other 80’s lovers can! It is one of my favs and rings true today.

Spotlight Items:


[Cynful] The Oh! Dress


e.marie // 80s Paint Set @ REWIND


e.marie // 80s Button Pin Gacha @ REWIND

  • Bitchin
  • Fresh
  • I ❤ 80’s
  • Smiley Pink
  • Vally Girl
  • Virgin


e.marie // Unicone *RARE* – Ice Cream Gacha @ Kustom 9

Other Credits:


/Wasabi Pills/ Jun Mesh Hair – FaMESHed Gift


Lelutka – Chloe Bento


CATWA Mesh Eyes

MANIK QUEEN – Hypnosis Eye Teaser (Coming soon!)


*YS&YS*  Dea Tone 03 Skin Applier LELUTKA Bento Head


*YS&YS* Push Eyeshadow Applier – Lelutka BENTO Head – Powder Pack Lelutka May ’17


amara beauty – Sophia lipstick palette “Sweetheart” LELUTKA




Addams // Lisa Denim Vest // Dirty


Vista – Bento Pro Hands


Belleza – Freya


I’m a Powder Pack princess!!

I love Powder Pack so freaking much!! If yall have Catwa or Lelutka heads you def need to check out all the goodies that come along with this subscription box! You really get so much for your money. Whole skin sets, makeups, eyes and lashes too! You never know what your going to get so its like an awesome Christmas every month! I have been getting the packs for a few month now and have yet to be disappointed! I LOVE THIS PACK SO MUCH!! Hoping to find some time to show off some more of this awesome stuffs. Do check it out you will love it too I just know it! ♥


Truth – Xia


Catwa – Catya


MANIK QUEEN – Mystica Eyes – Grey Blue – Catwa eye applier


Bold & Beauty :: Classic Collection Lash and Eyes! (Giselle V.2 #3 on the hud) – Powder Pack February ’17


YS&YS* Kitty Skin Applier for CATWA – April Powder Pack  – Tone 3

Eye Shadow/liner:

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Heads “Natural Beauty MU” April Powder Pack


#adored – enamored lips – happy hour edition {catwa} – April Powder Pack



A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves… A special kind of double

Took some pretty pictures with my beautiful sister and thought to share the credits of our looks. Had so much fun doing them. Spending time being cute and crazy with this woman is one of my most favorite things to do in the world. She is truly my heart sister and truly amazing! ♥

Tattoo: (Left – Me)

.Inhale. Eyes set to Kill Pt.1 – Female

.Inhale. Creeper – Leg Tattoo


ICONIC:ELLA  (Left – Me) @ C88

Truth – March VIP Gift – Zoya (Right – Sissy)

Catwa – Catya (Left – Me)

Catwa – Kimberly (Right – Sissy)


MANIK QUEEN – Mystica Eyes – Onyx – Catwa eye applier (Left – Me)

The Skinnery  – Sona Eyes #6


Swallow – Punky Ears (Right – Sissy)

Slink – New Dynamic Bento Hands (Both)

Belleza – Freya (Both)

amara beauty – Dolce -Catwa – Peach w/ Dolce Lipsticks and Priya Eyeshadow (Lip and eyeshadow packs sold sep instore) (Left – Me)

amara beauty – Priya Honey Skin tone & Makeup (Right – Sissy)


REIGN.- Chanel No2 Dress (FREYA) BLUSH- #4 (Left – Me) @ The Arcade

REIGN.- Chanel No2 Dress (FREYA) BLACK- #3 (Right – Sissy) @ The Arcade


No dream is ever chased alone…

Good morning! Popping in to show you some super cutes from e.marie! I have been dying for some new bracelets and was on the hunt for something new when e.marie dropped these Journey Bracelet sets at N°21! When I saw them it was a yassss! The engraving options are cute af and there is an add on engraving hud with even more options. I am also wearing the Amore nails that can be had at N°21 too! I ADORE e.marie’s nails! These are worn on Vista female hands. There are also coffin and oval shaped nails too! Those are spec for slink and maitreya hands and just as gorgeous. Def go have a look and as usual try those demos!

Thanks so much for stopping by! ♥

Spotlight Item:

e.marie // Journey Bracelet Set – Sterling (Engraving: Queen)@ N°21

e.marie // Amore Nail Set – Vista @ N°21

Other Credits:

Mina – Gizem

Catwa – Catya

amara beauty – Dolce -Catwa – Peach w/ Dolce Lipsticks and Priya Eyeshadow (Lip and eyeshadow packs sold sep instore)

Vista – Bento Pro Hands

Apple May Designs – Silk Teddy – Opal

Side by side or miles apart, we are sisters connected by heart.


Just popping in with a quick pretty of my sissy and I. ♥


Phoenix – Britney @ Hairology (Me – Blonde)

Runaway – Nymph @ Hairology (Sissy – Brunette – She added the bangs that came with the Truth Group Gift “Sugar” Cute right!?)


Euphoric – Poison Ivy mesh eyes (both of us)



League – Ella – Medium Tone (Me)

League – Sunskin Tone (Sissy)


[theSkinnery] – Passion Lip Kip (Catwa Applier) (Me)

Birth Acura 3rd Gen Lipstick – (Sissy)



Addams –  Irina Suit Jacket

Addams – Leda Hoodie Sleeveless

Addams – Adele Short Sleeves

Necklace –

[Cynful] – Persuade Necklace


Addams  – Trina neck jumpsuit @ C88

Getting caught isn’t what makes something wrong…

Stop Fucking Stealing

Have you ever worked so hard on something that when you were finished you got that thrill of excitement from making something you know was amazing? Most of us have… Now consider how you might feel if someone came along and took it from you to turn around and claim they made it themselves, then even to sell it gaining profit from your hard work…Your time… Your heart. I believe we all can imagine how horrible it would feel to have this done to us. Finally, let’s all consider seeking help to fix the issue and the process to correct it is so slow and sluggish it feels almost hopeless to even try to fight for what is ours. What could we do? Where do we go from here? These are all feelings and questions that so many of our content creators and designers are having right now. Copybotting has always been an issue in SL but as of lately the rise of it is just sickening. I feel like we should do something. Not just sit on our hands and watch as these amazingly talented people have this happen to them. What I would like to do is get people to remind everyone who makes any type of purchase on the marketplace or inworld to check and make sure they are purchasing the items from the legit creator/designer. This will help thwart the botters as they will find the effort they put into stealing will not be worth it.

You might think when you are purchasing from an obvious copybotter that you’re getting a great deal. Well there is a flaw in that theory as many copybotters send you empty boxes… So there goes your money to get nothing in return… Great discount right? Also, you need to remember that when the thieves are caught up with if you did actually receive the product, it will end up being removed from the servers thus will disappear from your inventory. Still thinking this discount was worth it? People who knowingly purchase botted items are just as bad if not worse than the thieves themselves. Think of how you would feel if it was being done to you before you hit that ad to cart or buy now button.

How do we spot a copybotted product? Well if you know the various brands are sold by a certain person and now you see it being sold in a different shop under a different name… Contact the actual creator you know for sure made that product because more than likely you just found a copybotter. Look at the marketplace shop. If there are items from several brands being sold that are not gacha items at deep discounts etc. You have just found a copybotter. Lots of the copybot marketplace shops have odd names and/or FULLPERM PROMO or some variation of that in the name. They are even so shady to make the name just slightly different than a brand they have stolen. So please pay close attention. Should you find copybotted items the best thing you can do is flag the item so LL sees that something is up and contact the original creator immediately as they may not be aware that it has happened.

Please spread awareness and show support to the amazing people who bring us to life with their beautiful creations. I think if we all stand together we can make a difference and stifle them before they get much further.

Note to the creators/designers: There are more of us who love you and will support you than not. Please don’t give up and please keep being amazing! ♥♥

Thanks for stopping by! ♥