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Beauty shines from within…


Good morning! Thought I would come through and show off some more stunning Cynful stuffs. Their new Coax Lingerie and belly chain are super sexy as you can see and will be available at this round of Whore Couture. I have seen tons of lingerie in SL and yall know these types of post I never really do to much lol all in my undies but this set is classy af. Loving the satin and lace, these ladies really killed it! Also Inhale is still at it with those updates! So be sure to go check them out and nab all of your favorites.

I want to speak on something really quick if I may. Recently, I have seen a post or two about bloggers who use items they bought in their blogs and how we all should stop doing that and only blog what we are sponsored as a way for bloggers to fight back the unfairness of not being chosen to blog for brands they applied to. I find that to be a terrible way to think in my honest opinion. For myself I love taking pictures so with sponsors or with none I still would take them and show them off. So to me blogging is a creative outlet and the fact that I am able to share the things I love with all of you makes me happy. I think that bloggers who feel they should only blog sponsored items as a way to fight back are simply in it to see what they are able to obtain for free. This all came about due to some bitterness over not being chosen to blog by a designer.

There seems to be so much animosity built up on this topic. Bloggers failing to realize there are so many factors that are present when designers choose their bloggers. Getting so upset when they are not chosen by large brands tho not recognizing the fact that those larger brands receive so many apps that choosing all that applied literally would put them out of business. I do not know when this sense of entitlement came around but I do wish people would understand that everything is chance. We put our names in and if we suit that person’s style etc then we get chosen. If we do not get chosen it doesn’t mean we aren’t good bloggers nor does it mean that designer doesn’t like us. At the end of the day they can only chose so many. Most do rounds of blogging these days for that very reason to give everyone a fair shake. I do hope that more bloggers realize that and calm down.

There is a lot being said too about designers wanting x number of views and x number of favorites. Now, ofc it can be super discouraging to not meet those standards of the brands we love however, I can understand them setting them. The point of having bloggers is to have their products seen. Not just to have someone take pretty pictures of them and no one seeing them. We have no control as to how many favs or likes we get but we do have some control over the visibility of our blogs. Especially with all of the social media platforms we have at our disposal. After the considerable time put into finishing a post it only takes a few minutes to pop it on flickr and show it off in loads of groups. The same with facebook.  Now many feel blogging shouldn’t feel like work and they do it for fun. That is fine tho in response to that I have to say that anything we want in life requires some level of work. When you pick up a sponsor you now have a job to do. Do your best posting showing of their items the best way you’re able and to make sure your post is seen. Do you think that the larger scale bloggers that have obtained a solid level of SL fame didn’t work for it? They have and hard to get to where they are now.

So I am hoping that this helps some of you see that not being chosen is nothing personal, it is all up to chance. Also, that blogging things that you love that you purchased is a great way to show those brands that you love that, with them sponsoring you or without you still love them and support them. My theory is if I cannot show my support to the designers I love why should they have any desire to sponsor me?

Thanks for listening to my early morning ramblings ♥ xoxo

If yall have opinions on this please feel free to comment! Please be respectful ♥

Spotlight Items:
[Cynful] Coax Lingerie @ Whore Couture (Opens March 1st)
[Cynful] Coax Belly Chain @ Whore Couture

.Inhale. Let it Sleep Sleeves & .Inhale. Creeper – Leg Tattoo

Other Credits:
[RA] Winx Hair

Skin & Lips:
Pink Fuel Liya <Biscuit> – Liya (Also using Eyeshadow and Brows from this set of Catwa appliers)

From the League – Ella skin applier pack


e.marie // EYES au naturel – Pack 3

Bold & Beauty :: Classic Collection Lash and Eyes! (Giselle V.2 #3 on the hud) – Powder Pack February ’17

Vista – Bento Pro Hands

e.marie // HUD Vista ProHand Boho Magic @ Kustom 9

–SECRETS– Bianca Rings – Silver

Belleza – Freya

FOXCITY. Candy -3
FOXCITY. Beauty-3

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