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With just one look…


Sometimes getting inspiration to blog can be a bit difficult. So many things can hinder our creative process. Negativity in our lives, not feeling our 100% best, and sometimes we just burn the candle so much at both ends it finally just fizzles. I go through this myself sometimes and it can be so frustrating. One way I have found to help relight that creative fire is to have some time to just play dress up with no thoughts of what I should do but just put on the things I love and have some fun feeling pretty. We all need a breather from time to time. So if you find your feeling a bit blocked up take a lil time and do something else. Just something fun and it will help clear your mind. While I was having a bit of dress up time I created this look. After an hour of rummaging and trying things on and saving some cute looks this outfit jumped out at me and spanked my creativity right on its bum. I whipped out my camera and wala! Ofc you would know it would consist of one of my most favorite brands. Yep you know it! Cynful! I love the recent release Too Fly Blouse. It is sleek, silky perfection. Paired up with their Denim Skirt 3/4 is one of my fav casual looks! Both are available in the mainstore and on the marketplace. This is def an outfit I saved, it’s the perfect outfit for some shopping fun with my sissy or just hanging out and even a trip to the club. These are just so much ♥♥♥♥

Have a great Sunday! ♥

Spotlight Items:


[Cynful] Too Fly Blouse

Each color comes with 20 outline colors

Sizes for Belleza V3, Maitreya , Both Slinks

[Cynful] Denim Skirt 3/4 

Each color comes with 3 texture versions, 16 metal colors, & 22 belt colors

Sizes for Standard Sizes, Belleza V3, Maitreya , Slink Physique

Other Credits:


TRUTH HAIR – Grecia hair


Other Body/Head/Skin ect credits can be seen on “My Everyday Body” Page


Prop with poses: {.:exposeur:.} Pipes – CLOSING SALE!!! 80% off!

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