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Strangers in a strange land…

Snapshot_010 Crop

Good evening y’all! I had to pop in to show you my new lil friends!  HEXtraordinary just keeps bringing us that super original and fun stuff! These lil cuties are just awesome! They are lil companions that walk and wiggle with you. Fully animated from their heads to their feet. Perfect lil guys to go exploring, shopping, clubbing, rping… the fun is endless! They are available right now at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. You should def go have a look, they really are just awesome! ♥

Spotlight Items:

*HEXtraordinary* – D-R4CO Droids @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

*HEXtraordinary* D-R4CO White & Blue Droid

*HEXtraordinary* D-R4CO Purple Steel Droid

*HEXtraordinary* D-R4CO Brass Droid

_HEXtraordinary_ D-R4CO Droids Poster 1024

Photo Taken @ The :Flux Sur Mer: Sim

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