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We rise… We fall…


Inhale Adamms Empire - Blog Credits

Finalllly!! I got this lil video uploaded. Youtube was making me lose hair lol. Anyways, I wanted to show yall the new animations from MOVE! Animations Cologne. The dances I am doing in the video are Leni Vol.2. More super cute, girly dances for us ladies. I love them! Super smooth dances that are super fun. Please note toward end of video there is a hiccup that is totally NOT the animation. I tried to do some fancy stuff and it didn’t work out so well lol. I just forgot to snip it out lol. I swear I will get better at these lol. ♥ So if you don’t want to take my word for it head over and have a looksy for yourself! ♥

I gotta scream a minute about Inhale Tattoo Co. This amaze tattoo I am wearing not only is amaze in detail, but also among all them appliers we all adore he has now added Catwa appliers as well!! I love it! This is a unisex tattoo out now @ GEN – Neutral. So guys and gals be sure to stop by and check it out! ♥

So these shoes… Please don’t judge me for my color combo lol I wanted to show off that they are highly customizable with the HUD that is included (12 colors!) Tho, I did get stuck (not stuck in bad way, just I looove the color!) on that super lovely pink. The platform and bit covering foot can be made diff colors as well. These stunning beauties are from a new brand called Empire, who specializes in original mesh shoes! These are there very latest group gift and are available right now! If you haven’t been to Empire stop reading this right now and just go! You def won’t be disappointed! ♥

Spotlight Items:

Dance Animations:



.Inhale.. Eyes set to Kill Pt.1 -F- @ GEN-Neutral

Other Credits:


RunAway Design – Mona @ We ❤ Role Play

Top and Shorts:


Meryl Top – Pink

Mariela Tiered Shorts Irregular – Dark Grey


EMPIRE – Dahlia – (Group Gift – Small group fee of 150L. TOTALLY WORTH IT! lol js! Comes with Hud and all them sizes you love… soo many colors!)

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