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Just hanging out…


Gotta love those days of just hanging out. Today has been just that for me. I do have some cool stuff to show you today tho! First let me talk about my super cozy cute new hat from *HEXtraordinary*! It is part of his “Insta-Geek Knit Caps gacha available at Wayward Winter and there are lots to collect! Def make this a stop on your shopping trip they are awesome! ♥

Deadpool has been working his butt off cranking out that newness! He has recently released these funky cool new boots “Ricki” for us. Ladiessss these are not only for the boys either! He made us a version as well! They are for SLink flat feets and fit like butter. He also made a super cool lil full perm gift for us all! My lil wristband is Deadpool’s HAND BANDS. With a lil editing and I tinted the studs I was able to make it work perfect for a cute lil bracelet to go with my outfit! So yep yep put these on your shopping list too! ♥

Btw I am hanging around on the swing ride right at the Deadpool sim! You gotta go check it out! It looks amazing and there is a ton of cool rides to play on. Photo opps? I think YES! Head on over and have some fun! ♥

Spotlight Items:

*HEXtraordinary* Insta-Geek Knit Caps @ * Wayward Winter * – WaywardEvents.com
– Do or Do Not Knit Cap_HEXtraordinary_ Insta-Geek Knit Caps Gacha Key


:DEADPOOL: RICKI BLACK – FEMALE (Slink flat feet required)



Other Credits:


little bones. Horrowshow – FULL GIFT


 [The Forge] Hipster Glasses, Black


Addams  // Revival Military Jacket // Green


Addams  // Ana Tank Top w/Buttons // Black


Addams  // Malena Denim Short High Rise // Dirty


*MUKA* Garter Thigh Socks (2for1)

Photo Taken @ Deadpool Sim

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