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Better get a move on…

Delirium-Deadpool-InhaleWhew! I have been on busy bish these days lol. Now a bit of time to relax…*knocks on wood* lol. Anyways I got some super cute stuffs to tell you about today! Our amaze Delirium Style has made us all this super sexy chic top and pants. Both come with awesome HUDs and fit so gooood! These are available now at the mainstore! GO!! ♥

 I wanna take a sec and introduce a brand new awesome sponsor. Inhale Tattoo Company! One of SL’s finest right here bringing us some freaking amazing, high quality tattoos! As you can see with these new sleeves available at Gen-Neutral that Inhale produces some real works of art! Def put them on your shopping list you won’t be disappointed and yussshh they come with all them appliers we crave! ♥

Deadpool has popped us out a few new great items, one being this cute witchy bag. This is super cute and high quality per the Deadpool norm. It is def a must have so be sure to check it out! ♥

Imma take just a sec to talk about the new Catwa heads. I have both lol one on my work bish, she wears Jessica and as you can see here I wear Annie. I am straight in love with both! I have demoed so many heads and never was like OMFG till these! The detail is just stunning. The features are amazing, they are all around fab and I highly recommend either! ♥

Spotlight Items:


:: D-Style – Bianca Cropped Top ::


::: D-Style – Bianca Pants ::


.Inhale. Hiatus Sleeves @ GEN-Neutral 




! PUKI . . My Long Square Nails . Belleza 1

Other Credits:


[RA] Lory Hair @ We ❤ Role Play


CATWA – Annie Vampire


Lara Hurley  -Christy Dark -Catwa Appliers

(other appliers for body sold sep)

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