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I have an addiction… and I love it!

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Introducing a brand new sponsor! Glamistry!!!! So as you might know me, I died in a moment of sheer joy when I was accepted to blog for them. I have wanted for so long to be able to have this honor and am tickled to pieces. ♥

Now let’s talk shoes! As you can see in these newest releases the detail and craftsmanship is just stunning. There are fits for Slink, Belleza, & Maitreya too! One feature Glamistry has mastered is when you purchase set of heels in the color of your choice and you decide to buy another color in that same heel it is added to the HUD of the shoes you have already received! This is amazing for two reasons. First it helps keep your inventory nice and tidy and also offers you the ability to get a custom look! So in short Glamistry = ♥♥♥

I hope yall have a happy Thursday! We are almost there people! The weekend is upon us soon! Woots. Keep being amazing and Thanks so much for stopping by ♥

Spotlight Items:


Glamistry – HEATHER Heels (right)

Glamistry – FREESIA Heels (left)

Glamistry – CROCUS Heels (center)

Other Credits:


Lara Hurley – Dark tone

Body/ Feet:

-Belleza- Freya

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