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Taming the beast…or her hair!


Hey laddddiieesss! The Pastel Goth Fair is open!! I am rocking several amazing items from there. Delirium Style has made us some badass super cute items. My outfit the top, shorts, and boots with legwarmers are all D-Style lovely and available at Pastel Goth. There are four versions of the top available and two versions of the shorts, (both top and short versions come with awesome HUDs) These boots have an amazing HUD offering up some seriously epic textures and lots of customizability! So when you head over to the fair def stop by Delirium Styles spot and check out all she has to offer. She is freaking amaze! ♥

I am still rocking my Yumi Skin from AlterEgo which to is available at The Pastel Goth Fair. As you can see it is beautiful from this post and a few prior. Be sure to check out AlterEgo’s spot as well! You can’t go wrong with Yumi it’s just ♥♥♥!

Don’t mind my hair it sorta had a mind of it’s own! lolol. I made a lil shopping snafu lol whilst yardsaling on the marketplace yesterday lol aka to many windows open at once lmfao! So I ended up with this hair which I gotta say I wasn’t unhappy lol. After laughing till I couldn’t breath when putting it on I decided I was just going to wear it all day lolol. So that is just what I did in fact it’s the next morning and I am still rocking my hot weave lol. It is one of the Editorial Collection from Tableau Vivant while the name says underwater I think it works here too lolol so if your looking for some fun hair I highly recommend this hair and the others that are part of their gacha as well. It was a gacha in this last round of the arcade. So if you missed it hit their mainstore or them yard sales! (p.s. the cute lil critter does not come with this hair. He just thought it looked like a good home lolol)♥

That’s it for now! You know I’ll be back! Thanks for stopping by! ♥

Spotlight Items:


:: D-Style – P-Goth Tank w.HUD :: BATSHIT @ Pastel Goth Fair 


:: D-Style – Pastel Goth Bubble Shorts w.HUD :: Plain @ Pastel Goth Fair 


:: D-Style – Leggis and Boots w.HUD :: @ Pastel Goth Fair 


AlterEgo – Yumi – Porcelain (New!!) @ Pastel Goth Fair 


[ Infliction ] – Dolfie eyes – Violet @ The Freak Show Gacha Event (LM coming soon)


! PUKI . . My Long Square Nails . Belleza 1

! PUKI . My Long Square Nails Jewelry #03

Other Credits:


Tableau Vivant – Editorial – Underwater



MANIK QUEEN – Batty Shadow & Liner


MANIK QUEEN – Batty – Lipsticks

My lil hair buddy:

+Half-Deer+ Long Eared Jerboa – Arctic


-Belleza- Isis


.Loud Mouth. – Brandee

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