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No hate…


Ok, so today I have something on my mind other than the amazing items I am wearing in my post. A topic came up over the past couple of days pertaining to bloggers and their editing of photos. This has come up before tho it never occurred to me that designers may get negative flack from our edits and that is something that has been happening. Now, first of all I want to say I adore my sponsors and the many other creators that may pop up in my posts. It would never be my intention to mislead anyone to think that a product is different than what they will actually receive. I edit my posts and use windlights inworld and have a shiny new graphics card that can handle some of the higher settings. I edit the flaws of the avi not the product, the bumps and kinks that are ever present on the regular second life avatar. With mesh bodies and heads this has become less of an issue. People need to remember there are many things to factor in as to why how I see Second Life may be different from how you might. Now with that said, I encourage anyone viewing my posts interested in the products I showcase to always try demos before you make a decision on whether to buy an item or not. When I hear that designers are receiving negative feedback on something bloggers do upsets me as why would you be hateful to them over something they have little control over? If someone ever has an issue with how I represent my sponsors I strongly encourage you to contact me directly, as I can tell you with certainty that was not my intention and I would prefer to know so I may do a better job in future posts. I will leave contact info at the bottom of this post so you may do just that.  What I will ask of you is to please treat people how you would like to be treated. Being hateful never brings anything good to either person. ♥

To keep this short I simply going to list what I have on and such for you as you know I love them and again I do encourage you to please try them demos ♥

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

Spotlight Items:


AlterEgo – Yumi – Porcelain (New!!) @ Pastel Goth Fair 

Worn with Russian Lipstick


! PUKI . . My Long Square Nails . Belleza 1

! PUKI . My Long Square Nails Jewelry #01

I alternated jewelry options 1+2 per fingers.

alterego I makeup add on (from Body Mod Expo)
((ae)) brows – tintable


[ Infliction ] – Dolfie eyes – Pitch @ The Freak Show Gacha Event (LM coming soon)

Other Credits:




.random.Matter. – Shae Liner – 1


Izzie’s – Mesh Alpha Lashes

Contact Info:

Inworld: BellaBeauclerc Resident

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/LowResLovely

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