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The spider spins her web strand by strand…

Alterego Yumi Skin

Ok who is excited for the Pastel Goth Fair?? I know loads are for sure. Our amaze AlterEgo goddess has yet again out done herself with another fantastic skin, Yumi – Porcelain. This will be available at the fair which opens October 16th! I dropped the product info so yall can drool a bit over all the options available. Don’t forget to mark that date and head on over to check it out. ♥

I been a lil busy myself getting ready for Bewbapalooza and some other fun stuff. I am totally loving the Halloween geared themes of so many events! I put together this lil outfit MANIK QUEEN “Along Came a Spider” for this haunted round of Bewba. The top comes with Omega, Belleza and Maitreya appliers and the skirt in 5 standard sizes, plus fits for Belleza’s Isis and Freya. This spooky cutes set is available in 8 colors. I have also included a cute lil spider boobie pet (her name is Samantha lol yush Imma nerd lolol) Anyways she is copyable and can be placed wherever you like as I have done here. I really had fun with this one and hope you all enjoy. ♥ (yes this is some shameless self promo lmfao xoxo)

Finally, I am rocking my Puki nails. My hands felt a bit naked with out them the last couple of posts. Still so in love with them. They make my fingers happy but I am sure yall know this lolol. If you haven’t gotten yours I just don’t know what your waiting for… perfection..js! ♥

So that’s all for now but ya know I shall return like a bad penny lolol.

I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. Thanks for stopping by! ♥

Spotlight Items:


AlterEgo – Yumi – Porcelain (New!!) @ Pastel Goth Fair (opens October 16th)

Product Info:

*skin layers
3 brows
* browless
* dark brow
* light brow

4 lipsticks
* Starlight
* Russian
* Slate
* Plain

2 cheek blushes
* blush – pink
* blush – red

2 Cleavage
* skin layers w/ cleavage
* skin layers w/out cleavage

*Loud Mouth appliers
8 appliers
* 4 mouth appliers w/ skin – (wearing)
* 4 mouth appliers w/out skin [lipstick only]

*body appliers
– Belleza – (wearing)
– Maitreya
– Slink – body, hands, and feet
– ++ Soul Uni Ear

**Bonus – Lipstick Tattoos Layers

**Modifiable Shape


MANIK QUEEN – Along Came A Spider – Black @ Bewbapalooza


! PUKI . . My Long Square Nails . Belleza 1

Other Credits:


Exile:: – Twist and Shout: 10. Naturals RARE (wearing Twist)


Izzie’s – Demon Eyes and Horns (wearing both eye colors and not wearing horns)


Izzie’s – Mesh Alpha Lashes


.Loud Mouth. – Brandee

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