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Infliction - Puki

Just a quick post showing off more awesomeness from Infliction and Puki of course! I’m def loving Matilda the tones are so pretty and the skin is super detailed. I usually like more darker tones (pale af in rl lolol) tho I love love Matilda in Creme. I totally recommend it for all you light skinned lovelies, The Mystics dress is awesome and perfect for this month’s upcoming holiday or an awesome piece for so medieval RP or anything at all. Fit is great and def puts me in a bit of a witchy mood lol Love it! ♥

I am still gaga over my Puki’s and wanted to show off more of the options of the Delta add on HUD. If you haven’t gotten them you’re missing out they are perrrfect! If the length is a concern for you there are some brand new shorter nails that are equal in epicness ( I grabbed them on my work bish they are effing amaze too!) ♥

So there you go shortish and sweet! lolol. I hope yall have a fantastic day. (yea yea I know its Monday lol)

Thanks for stopping by! ♥♥

Spotlight Items:


[ Infliction ] Matilda Pack – Creme


[ Infliction ] Mystics Dress – Pitch


! PUKI . . My Long Square Nails . Belleza 1

(The silver ring on my hand (ring finger) is NOT one of the rings included in the Puki set.)

! PUKI . Delta add-on . Long Square Nails .

Detla HUD view:


Other Credits:


~Tableau Vivant~ Pretty reckless II



MANIK QUEEN – Batty Shadow & Liner – Red


[PF] Essential Lipsticks – <Red>

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