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Take the time to… Enjoy life…


So today I am absolutely thrilled to say that I have a brand new sponsor! Infliction has been so awesome to allow me to blog her amaze stuffs! Today I have on her new skin “Matilda” and I am straight in love with it! Comes with all them lovely apps we all crave toos! (If you are a Belleza bish you’re gonna love the hands and feet! They fit so perfect!) So I could go on and on about how awesome this skin but I will shut my face and suggest you go check it out for yourself lolol ♥

Ok next I wanna show you this fantastic new outfit @ Delirium Style. It fits great and is perfect for the cooler weather falling on some of us right now. I adore the message it says on the top! I think we all could certainly take a bit of time here and there to stop and enjoy life. Take a lil time and check em out there are several colors to choose from. ♥

pops meh lips* I am sporting the AlterEgo I juicy blend lips in smoochy. Honestly I can’t tell you how much I ♥ this lipstick. The entire line of them are amazing and always part of my everyday look blog or not. I adore the matte finish so much. This color tho makes my lips go boom and I love it lol. These come in Loud Mouth appliers so if you rocking them Loud lips go have a look. ♥

You know I’m rocking them Puki nails tho not so visible in this shot but yea they are amaze and I’m never taking them off js! lolol ♥

So that’s about it for now. Hopefully I am getting better at this lolol if not thanks for putting up with me anyways! ♥ lol

Have a Happy Hump day and thanks for stopping by!

Spotlight Items:


[ Infliction ] Matilda – Toffee


:: D-Style – Enjoy Life Suit :: Coal


alterego I juicy blend lips – smoochy


! PUKI . . My Long Square Nails . Belleza 1

Other Credits:


little bones.  Meander


.Loud Mouth. – Brandee


.random.Matter. – Shae Liner – 1

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