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I’m still sleepy on second cup of coffee so this may get crazy or long… let’s jus hope for crazy lolol. Alright lets see what awesomeness we have here. AlterEgo of course! She has a brand new skin tone “Victoria Snow” coming soon to Totally Top Shelf opening October 2nd. As you can see its amazing as is everything AlterEgo. I will drop the product info below so you can see just how many options and such that will be available for this new tone. The spooky sexy makeups I’m wearing are part of the new line as well! ♥

Yush there is more Puki! Did I mention I love these?? No?! Well I do! lolol I wanted to show yall there is an awesome lil HUD that packs a big ol punch called the Delta Add on HUD. This lil bad boy is for all your Puki polish add ons. So easy to set up and use with full instructions on the “how to” a def must have for all you Puki gals ♥

Finally, I reserve my “spotlight items” area for my sponsors as well as things that I love the very most. With that said let’s take a minute and look at this totally adorbs lil dress from Cynful called “Lotta Sass” which it most def has! It is part of Mix HUD event which is great not to have to strip and alpha up to get into a super laggy sim. Not only is this dress super freaking cutes but the fit… is jus… AMAZING! I wear Belleza’s Freya 99.9 % of the time and while there is lots to be had in terms of clothing fitted for the body not all can you just put on and BAM! it looks great with no slider tweaks etc. I can say in all honesty that Cynful has this fitting biz down to a science. I don’t have to totally reshape my backside or drop my saddlebags to zero. I put on her clothes and I can keep my shape all thick and sexy or however I want it, the dress (and all other Cynful clothes I have tried) just fit so good. Cynful is def in my top 3 picks for body fitted mesh (Her applier clothes rock too! js) So if you haven’t had a chance to check this out..DO! ♥

See not to long or to crazy lolol OK maybe lil long.. Don’t judge me I’m still sleepy! lolol Anyways I hope yall enjoy and have a happy Sunday. Thanks for stopping by ♥

Spotlight Items:


alterego Victoria Snow  (Brand new tone!) @ Totally Top Shelf (October 2nd)

See product info at bottom of post ♥



alterego Victoria Snow – Cobweb Eyeshadow – Black @ Totally Top Shelf (October 2nd)


alterego Victoria Snow  – Charred @ Totally Top Shelf (October 2nd)


! PUKI . . My Long Square Nails . Belleza 1

! PUKI . My Long Square Nails Jewelry #02 (Jewelry option 2)

! PUKI . Delta add-on . Long Square Nails .

The Delta HUD is an add on for polishes for them sexy Puki nails offering even more ways to customize and get your sexy on! ♥



[Cynful] Lotta Sass Dress – Black 

Other Credits:


=DeLa*=  – “Candice”


.Things.– Apacheta Tattoo


.random.Matter. – Shae Liner – 1

As promised here is more info on the new AlterEgo Victoria Snow Skin Tone:

*skin layers
a) 3 brows
1) browless
2) dark brow
3) light brow
b) 4 lipsticks
1) gloomy
2) bitten
3) charred
4) natural
c) 2 cleavage
1) skin layers w/ cleavage
2) skin layers w/out cleavage

*loud mouth appliers
a) 8 appliers
1) 4 mouth appliers w/ skin
2) 4 mouth appliers w/out skin [lipstick only]

*body appliers
a) belleza
b) maitreya
c) TMP
d) slink body / hands / feet

*Bonus – Makeup Tattoo Layers
a) tintable & black cobweb eye shadow
b) 3 lipsticks
1) gloomy
2) charred
3) bitten
c) tintable brows

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