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Where are YOU now?


Been a lil busy lately but I wanted to pop in an say hello 🙂 So ok I still cannot gush enough bout my Puki nails the more I play with them the more in love with them I become. So much can be done with them making them just perfect. I am certain I won’t be taking them off…ever lolol.

I am also wearing a pair of my fav jeans from Delirium Style. Kinda ripped in all the right place giving them that sexy grunge style tho still leaving something for the imagination, which is something I def can appreciate.

Now, the makeups I have on here I am especially happy about from MANIK QUEEN. Most know that I am the brains behind the beauty of MQ so these are a bit special to me as they are my first attempts at makeup and am super pleased with how they turned out. Halloween is my most fav holiday of all and these are perfect for almost any Halloween inspired outfit.

Finally let me say something here about the new Blueberry group gift. If you haven’t grabbed yours, you need to just go get it. As usual the fit is amazing and the hud included is just awesome with a ton of color selections! This is def a “go to” top. Thank you Blueberry! ♥

Thanks for stopping by ♥

Spotlight Items:


! PUKI . . My Long Square Nails . Belleza 1

! PUKI . My Long Square Nails Jewelry #01


:: D-Style – Kinda Ripped Jeans – Belleza-Maitreya ::



MANIK QUEEN – Batty Shadow & Liner


MANIK QUEEN – Batty – Lipsticks

Other Credits:




Blueberry :  – Group Gift – Tank Top


.Loud Mouth. – Brandee

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