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I’m a marquise diamond…


Takes a deep breath and tries hard not to babble* I said I wasn’t going to write a book this time lol but we shall see! So I just wanted to gush a bit about these new matte finish alterego I juicy blend lips from AlterEgo. They are effin amazing! I never fool much with my mesh lips as not to many lipsticks appeal to me for some reason. (Imma lil odd bout makeups lol ok I’m jus a lil odd in general lolol :P) These however the moment I saw them I blew the dust of my lips and well you can see… AMAZING! These babies are def worth it and there are soooo many colors to choose from! Go check em all out you will not be disappointed. Currently they are only available in Loud Mouth appliers. So if you a Loud Mouth lady GO GO GOOO!♥

I am still wearing the Kalani skin for The Autumn Effect Hunt that our AlterEgo goddess has made for us cuz I lovvvve it. So be sure to get your hunt on while you can! ♥

Ha! No book! LMFAO! Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!

Spotlight Items:

alterego I juicy blend lips – enchantress – For Loud Mouth


alterego I kalani – caramel [autumn] (The Autumn Effect Hunt)

Other Credits:


little bones. Hexxed @ Collabor88


.Loud Mouth. – Brandee


.random.Matter. – Shae Liner – 1

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