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When you see it… You’ll know…

Puki Blog 1

Usually I don’t have tons to say on my posts and I am finding that’s rather boring, don’t you think? So I have decided to let out some of my thoughts here and there to break the monotony.

So starting out most of yall know I am back blogging more on the reg these days. Picked up some amazing new sponsors and back posting too for a few awesome peeps that kept me even through my break. Two of the new ones showcased here is Puki and AlterEgo, which I gotta say when I was accepted I squealed like a nutcase and ran around the house lolol.  I am trying to branch out a bit from my comfort zone and try some new things with my photos so please bare with me. New graphics card has me addicted to shadows as you can prolly tell lol. I’ll get the hang of it eventually 😉

Anyways lets talk nails for a minute… Puki nails are absolutely amazing! I am wearing . PUKI . My Long Square Nails . Belleza 1 with Belleza hands (pose 1 or first pose in the hand gesture spot if you will. The name of set indicates this as you can see.) It was as simple as checking my hand size. I got them big hands lol size 20. Then finding the right set in the pack and clicking add and wala perfect fit! The hud is amazing with two different ring options and sooooo many nail colors to choose from and a variety of metal options for the rings as well.. Can also be worn with or without the rings. The options are totally endless!

Now with my awesome nails I am wearing  . PUKI . My Long Square Nails Jewelry #02. The options here again there is just so much versatility and so much to choose from to customize your look completely. With two different jewel options and tons of metals as well. Both the nails and jewelry are such high quality (even look amazing on lower settings) I have included a photo at the bottom of this post showing the HUDs and how I achieved the look of the nails in the photo. So def go get your Puki on and rock them sexy nails!

So ok I have wrote a bit of a book lol but hopefully I haven’t bored you to tears lolol. Let me wrap this up by telling you about this amazing skin I am wearing, kalani – caramel [autumn] by AlterEgo. It is their hunt gift for The Autumn Effect Hunt by Depraved Nation. Yup this awesome skin is FREE! So go grab it and love it and don’t forget appliers are available right there at the shop so grab em while your there. This skin is super sexy for sure! Go get your hunt on ♥

Spotlight Items:


! PUKI . . My Long Square Nails . Belleza 1

! PUKI . My Long Square Nails . HUD CONTROL

! PUKI . My Long Square Nails Jewelry #02

! PUKI . My Long Square Nails Jewelry #02 . HUD CONTROL

(The silver ring on my hand (ring finger) is NOT one of the rings included in the Puki set.)


alterego I kalani – caramel [autumn] (The Autumn Effect Hunt)

Other Credits:


little bones. – Puck (group gift)


[PXL] : SweetLips 01

Izzie’s – SweetLips Applier Hud (sunkissed) (I think the sunkissed hud works best with tan and caramel tones. Jus my opinion play with em to find what works best for you.)

Blueberry : Dalena – Tied Crop Top – Black

Here is the pic I promised the lil blue boxes are the options I choose to achieve the look in photo above. ♥

Puki Hud

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