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Deadpool Needs Us! Please Read, Share & Help if you can!

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Our dear friend Shane owner of DEADPOOL has some pretty serious stuff going on right now. Not many have known that he has been battling cancer for a couple of years now. While dealing with his illness he has managed to take care of his family in rl as well as his family, friends and customers right here in sl. Often putting aside his own problems to help others out where he can. He is one of sl’s best content creators always bringing us unique high quality products to meet help inspire our creative needs. Well right now this man need our help. Here is his what he has going on right now, which you can also read on his gofundme page @ http://www.gofundme.com/d72yuxmc

Over two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I have been in and out of hospitals, had a 15cm hematoma that burst my stomach open which, in turn, cause all sorts of complications. With a racing heart of 170 bpm and heavy breathing I was put through extensive scanning and injected with a large amount of CT dye (that I subsequently become allergic to) as they thought I had a PE. After 18 hospitals and every tests under the sun: VQ scans, CT xrays, ultra sounds, and many many blood tests I cannot count, as well as heart specialist, Hematolgists, and GP’s I finally had enough of ppl not listening to me and telling me it was all in my head. I had anxiety apparently that never went away and My BP was sitting daily at 180/110.

After all this I was sent home with no meds and told it was all because of my daily anxiety.
After getting to point that my mental status was deteriorating and I started thinking and feeling things I have never felt before, I knew, without a doubt, that something was very wrong with me I have never felt. Every day I was becoming worse. Heart rate going thru roof and a loss of 34 kg (65 pounds) in 3 months, and feeling ADAH and bipolar. I went to GP and said HELP ME.
At this point they actually tested my thyroid. When bloods come back with in 12hrs, I was raced to ER as my levels were 3x normal and I was having what is called a Thyroid Storm and in thyrotoxicosis.
I now have heart issues from this being left untreated for months. I have PTSD and an auto immune disease called Graves Disease hyper thyroid and with a multi-nodular goiter with 32 nodules.
After all of this I was then diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I recently had my thyroid, however, due to the lack of proper treatment in the beginning, I have developed delved TED (thyroid eye disease). This causes my left eye to distend outward and my eye ball to become fixed into upward stare. I currently have so much swelling around my optic nerve it has now compromised my eye sight. I just started an extensive IV steroid treatment (1000mg of steroids every 3 days) and my right eye has now started to become inflamed. The new medication that I need is a massive $10,000 per injection and is a last resort. This medication is not fully covered. I need 3 of theses as well as an endocrine specialists and surgeons, Orbit decompression, squint surgery. Not to mention a surgery in late sept/early oct for lymph node removal.
Needless to say things have become very hard for myself and my family. I am unable to work at his point, insurance pay barely covers bills, credit cards are maxed out, and a loan hanging over my head.
I am now asking for help for first time in my life. Anything will help and every dollar counts. I would be ever so grateful for anything that people would be willing to pitch in.
You never realize how much you need your eyes until sight becomes an issue. I just want to see my kids grow up.

This possibly is one of the hardest things he has had to face… Asking for help as he def is a do it yourself kind of guy. Sometimes though even the strongest most self sufficient need a hand up. So please if yall can help please do every little bit helps.  ❤



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