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Ok so in case yall been haven’t heard there is this pretty neat new social network out there for all of us SLer’s. Avatar Social Network is set up in a similar way as Facebook but with a few cool features many of you will enjoy. One of the biggest draws to this site is you are rewarded Linden for your activity. When you post, like, comment, ect.. Everything you do is rewarded. Many people are skeptical about the whole reward thing as to do they really pay out.. I am here to tell you yes in fact they do!

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The website not only offers rewards for your activity but also some really cool features. There are chat rooms and forums and you can blog directly from the site.  Navigation is easy as the site is very well organized and the admins are helpful if you has any questions. It really is top notch and a fun place to post and blog and just hang out. I most def recommend signing up today. How can you pass up rewards for doing exactly what you would be doing on Facebook anyways? Your posts can be share on Facebook as well so it is like an amazing way to multitask! Sign up and friend me today! http://www.avatarsocialnetwork.com/profile/BellzBeauclerc


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