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Rock ‘Gainst Hunger!!! Please take a min to read

This is an event I can def feel god about spreading the good word! Please read yall and help out and/or attend if you can!

Millions of children don’t have enough to eat!
Every 5 seconds a child is dying of hunger related causes!
We will no longer just watch and “play” here – we take actions!

Rock ‘Gainst Hunger is a community of people who may seem idealistic but if not now when then?!
We are musicians, promoters, hosts, sellers, designer and club owners creating a special group of people who share our ideals and want to help.

We’re setting up  Rock Shows with many live acts, DJ’s and performers – all of them not working for salary or tips but for a beneficial event only! (But to stay informed for special things and who’ll be taking part join our group TODAY!)

We have donation jars (our guitars) at several locations in SL and every L$ put in there goes to feed starving children. We believe in 100 % transparency and you can see what we do when visiting us on Facebook (Rock ‘gainst Hunger International) or looking at out blog (superstarloungebar.blogspot.com). Plus
you’ll get  visiual proof where your money went to if you are a member or RgH (Rock ‘gainst Hunger) through a notecard!

We are a RL organization.

It takes YOU to be part of the show!
Cause YOU gotta be there and celebrate Rock and hope with us. Join our group and you’ll get your personal invitation and LM  right on time!

For regular non beneficial parties make sure to visit our exclusive SuperStar Lounge Bar and become a member of it’s group. Though the parties there are not beneficial only there’s always the donation guitars near the DJ where you can feed “our” children.

You want to be part of Rock ‘gainst Hunger as a musician/band/performer/DJ/owner/creator etc.?
Just for the good of it? YEAH to you! Just send a Notecard (no IM’s please!!) to:

Rock Shoreland  or Sufgania Harvy

You are not working in SL and want to help nonetheless?
YEAH! We all got friends in here.. so check your friends list for everyone that could work for us or willing to spend some lindens to the cause and TP them to our club to join the group! Let’s spread info.

We CAN change the world together

All the best,
Sufgania Harvy



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