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Bettie Hair Beautiful!!!!!!


Ok yall know that freaking hot retro hair Dita made to go with her bad ass Retro Bettie avi? Wellllll She made it available separately!! There is 14 diff headband
styles that are all sooo hot! I am jus in love with them! Look You see this sexy pink loveliness I has on wellll that the april group gift so be sure to git in
that group and grab it (from notices) But you can see one of these lovely hairs goes perfect with it! I freaking love ..::KnocKeRs::..!! Go get this hair and
don’t forget the group gift too you know you wanna!

Ride!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Collective%20Victorian/112/89/21

Showcase Items:

Retro Bettie Hair(Night) – Headband available in 14 colors!

..::KnocKeRs::..April Group Gift(Sweetest Rebel Group Edition) (from notices)

Other Credits:


[Hush] Hanna Skin – SmokedKiss (Boobie Planet event)


:Hebenon Vial: Beast [Metal]


Lola- Tango


*Sexy Mamas* Glitter Manicure – Prim Nails


Wicked Tattoos


[ bubble ] Electro Pop Eyeshadow

[Hush] Lip colors – Sugar Rush – Lollipop


[Gos] Boutique – Marilyn Sandals – Black Patent

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