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[Etchaflesh] Freakin Perfection!



My god are there any more perfect corsets than [Etchaflesh]? NO! They are freaking perfect! This is one of meh favs and one of her newest! I snapped this offa MP so fast it would make ya dizzy! It is a super steal and HUGE selection! So click the link and have a peek…this is just AWESOME! ooohh and I almost forgot! Lolas? Well you busty babes can wear these too! YAY!!!

99L$ for limited time! Click this baby now! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/111335

Dont’t forget to have a look in her mainstore… you will love it!



Corset: [Etchaflesh] Mistress Sylvia Nola Underbust Corset

Panties:[Etchaflesh] Nocturna Lolita Panties (from the set)

Jewelry:Ducknipple (SLX Retro outfit)

Piercings::Hebenon Vial: Pierced![Polka Bow] Ink

Hebenon Vial:Pitch Piercings

Pasties:Lacey’s Appearal

Hair:[e] Caramel – Essentials Collection(hit their retirement sale every hair is more than 70% off) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elikatira/64/128/37

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