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One of my very favorite furniture shops as you all may now is the freaking AMAZING ZEN Creations. Well they are having the best promo ever… This nursery set is on promo now for 99L$! there is so much it comes with… (the leaning frame, bed, and white chair is NOT includes but can be found @ Creative Decay) The Set you see in my lil home is the Zen Animated Nursery (Girl) version but Zen has a uber sweet boys set too and that not all there are so many extras seriously this is such a steal and it comes with choice of neko or human babeh!! So all you mommas and pops out there check this out there is no better deal anywhere!

Set includes:

*All Zen furniture comes with resizer menu

– Crib (mesh) with 2 parent animations (admire baby & bottle feed baby), 10 prims – Dresser (mesh), 2 prims – High chair (mesh) with 1 parent animation (feed baby), 3 prims – Poufs with 3 parent animations (bottle feed baby, breast feed baby, hold & rock baby), 2 prims each – Rug (mesh), 1 prim – Hanging artwork, 3 prims each – Baby block lamp with 3 level light settings, 7 prims – Baby bottle, 1 prim – Baby food jar, 1 prim – Folded blanket stack (mesh), 1 prim – Plushie animal, 16 prims

Included as a bonus: Human & Neko Baby.

You can find these on market place @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/25712

or inworld @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Island%20of%20Zen/108/77/30

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