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From Boots to Bling and back again!!!!


I has had the busiest weekend! Yes it was full of shopping lol…Like you had to ask! Sooo here is a peek at a bit I picked up… AngelRed had a couple new releases…and Ofcourse I was on them babies fast! The Diamond bow ring is one my new fav accessories and ofcourse I choose the pink *giggles* Also Angelred has put out some posh new uggs and I LOVE EM! You see me again with the pink (she calls this mauve but to me pink is pink lol) So yes the price is right for sure and you will want them all!  I don’t have to tell you to move it and get yours now really? Well I am gonna! LOL!! Go now! *giggles*

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Hair: Ploom – Dawn

Peircings: Hebenon Vial: Pierced![Polka Bow] Ink and Hebenon Vial: Pitch Piercings

Jewelry: Bracelets-The Bishes – Blk&Pnk Bangles, Ring- AngelRED Couture Diamond Bow Ring in pink

Breasts: Lolas- Tangos

Dress: Rock Me Amadaus – Winter Dress in Black

Boots: AngelRED Couture Brand Ugg Boots in Mauve


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