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Christmas Sale 2 Days Only!!!

FuqOOOHHH LADIESSSS!! Ok you def need to know this… Fuh.Q and Brat [Inc] is having an awesome Christmas Sale for 2 days only! These are a few of the things I picked up…Yes cuz you know I went running as soon as I heard…So yea… You heard now get going!

More then 50 skins are 55% off! 10 skin bundles are 48% off! Tattoos, Shapes, Clothing venders 50% off! 2nd floor. @ Main store!!

Get on the bus! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aerynth/195/36/22


Perfectly Flawed – FUHQ

Eets Yer Hart – FUHQ

Rednose Winter Sweater – FuhQ- Nose lights up!



“LoQ Hair” Bacardi


BRAT[inc] Extreme Brat

BRAT[inc] PinUp Brat T1 Monroe

Piercings- Hebenon Vial: Pitch Piercings [V.2]

Jewelry: Bracelets- Adoness-Precious Punk

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