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PUMPKIN PATCH @ [RoLu Poses] Group Gift!

Yep Im being crazy again. lo, The Amazing creators @ RoLu are at it again and the spirits are with them as they just put out an awesome group gift! That’s right yall this lil pumpkin patch is free! It comes with 3 seats and 8 poses.. Head on over to the shop and check it out. Join the group to get it and you will be notified each month of their awesome gifts and any new releases! you def don’t want to miss this! If you hasn’t been there before take a min and look around they most def have some of the most original poses and items…So many things you won’t believe! Get you buns there now! The clock is ticking!

you can find [RoLu Poses] @




Omg! I just found out that the Samhain GATCHA Festival has started! [RoLu Poses] added 3 GATCHA’s 10L to play! You has got to see these and the other great stuff here! Come on over 😀


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