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OMG!!! If this isnt heaven I dun know what is! I went to a cool pose shop and was peeking around as usual was more like running around the shop hopping on the demos lol..I bought a few things and everything is amazingly priced…Pretty much perfection for almost any budget…. I saw a ALOT of unique things and snagged a few….but…. I saw this big guy and was in love instantly….but omg there was no pink and I cried because yall know I loves me some pink… Well when i finally stopped crying and started thinking… after a couple face palms I went ahead and messaged the creator… Very nice man he and his love came to the shop after he made me the big guy above and we talked about more pink stuff lol which you know me lol if he makes I will buy… The palce is great and def in my fav shops…yall should check it out for some original additions to your pose collections….

you can find [RoLu Poses] @

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