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Ok..this shop is straight BADASS!


Was kinna fooling around and happened on to this shop called [AsYLUM]….Fell in love with they style….snagged a bunch cuz they prices are boss…. Was kinna thinking you get what ya pay for ya know… but….thats not so much the case here because the prices rock and the quality is most def posh..had me a lil chance to speak to the owner…(btw ladies…RAWRRR..jus sayin) He is super sweet and let me have a look at a couple exclusives…This mini tee is one and I love it… is just s lil peek at whats up and coming… will be available at the Depraved Nation VooDoo Fashion Fair…. You can bet your ass I’ll be there for sure… These rocking chux I sporting ya can find in the shop…Go look for them and have a look around you def wont be disappointed…

Check them out here at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/96297

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